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Amd has released the new Ryzen chips with Video.

Amd released 2 new Ryzen AM4 Processors with onboard video. The Ryzen 3 2200G is a 3.5 Ghz 4 core 4 thread chip. has Vega 8 Graphics built into chip.  It is good for the basic and office user. Its big Brother is the Ryzen 5 2400G is a 3.6 Ghz 4 core 8 thread chip with RX Vega 11 Graphics Built into the chip Both chips are only 65 watt chips and come with the wraith cooler. For the low end , a new zen chip the Athlon 200 GE chip, a 3.2 GHz , 2 core, 4 thread 35 Watt chip for the AM4 Boards, (must have updated bios. this chip also has the Vega graphics on board. The Ryzen chips need DDr4 Ram, above chips make use of duel channel memory and faster ram up to 3000 speed. The chips will run on any AM4 Motherboard with the latest Bios revisions. !!!!!!!  Special Note  !!!!!!!! As of September 24 2018 a Tariff is imposed on computer components coming from China of 10% , all components when present stock runs out will have a higher price. and as of January 2019 the rate will be 25%. unless the trade war is settled. !!!!!!!                         !!!!!!!! Am4 Motherboard News Amd has released new chipsets for the am4. The B450 chipset has support out of the box for the Ryzen 2000. The X470 chipset has support out of the box for the Ryzen 2000.
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we know that many hours go into putting data into the computers but from time to time it may just fail, the computer gets hit by some malware or virus. the computer will not start up. do not fear the data is usually still there. we can recover the data off the hard drive .

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we carry a large supply  of parts . Desktop & laptop power supplies network cards, cables, motherboards, cases, network cables, keyboards, mice, monitors. Remember Storm Season. Protect your computer & electronics, have them on a Ups Battery backup or a good surge strip for protection.
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